Exterior of the home

The back of the home

The pool

The front facade

Front view of the home

Office with large glass sliding doors

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A Private House in Kent, New York


520 sq.m. with 180 sq.m. basement

In collaboration with Architect Steven Helmes, The Helmes Group, New York


Photography: Christoper Krautler, Quinn and Co.

The house's preliminary design was done by Davidie Rozin and the rest completed by The Helmes group, based in Katonah New York. The style and materials are typical for New-England homes, with wooden structure and shingled roofs. The house is located on the highest point of a mountain and overlooks a beautiful private lake sourrounded by forests. The rooms were designed to maximize the views and the great room is more than two stories high with a glazed facade facing the lake. The great room is diamond shaped and the rooms around it are symetrical on both sides. The outdoor pool and deck also follow the shape of the house. For the article in 'Nisha Magazine' (Hebrew) press here

New York, Kent Residence