Dining area

Built-in shelving holds CD's

Kitchen with counter seating


Living Area

Large window brings natural light into the living room

Kitchen island


Floor Plan

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An apartment in Neot Afeka, Tel-Aviv


Photography: Shai Epstein

We were asked to renovate a 97 sq.m. apartment in Neot Afeka, Tel-Aviv, for a young couple with two small children. The renovation included a new plan for all of the public spaces and enlarging the bathrooms. The most challenging aspect of the work was finding lots of storage spaces for hundreds of books and a large disc collection yet making the apartment look lighter and airier than before. We did this by creating many niches with shelves using empty spaces between structural columns. These new "walls" also served as dividers between different functioning areas. 4 tiny bathrooms (one of them a laundry room) were united into two in order to earn space. The clients gave us a free hand to decide the new layout of the apartment, and we were also commissioned to choose the furnishings and the lighting fixtures together with them. "The design process yields better results when the clients feel they can trust our decisions, yet are involved throughout the process and share their particular needs and wishes" says Neta Davidie. "No doubt, this was the case here: the renovation was a wonderful experience for us and them".

Neot Afeka Apartment