About us

At Davidie Rozin we design private homes, offices and commercial businesses. We strive for creative and well detailed solutions for our clients while taking into consideration functionality and sustainability in every project.

We are one of Israel's leading architect firms in housing renovations in Tel-Aviv's old neighborhoods, leading projects in Bitsaron, Ramat Israel and Hadar Joseph with many years of experience in building exciting new houses in densely populated areas, procuring maximum advantage for our clients within the limitations of the city plans.

We also design housing projects in new neighborhoods, currently designing in several Kubbutzim in Israel. In these projects, we offer the developer several alternative designs, showing the different ways of locating the project in the surrounding area, taking into account development costs, views and site preservation. A new house for a growing family is a house that can adapt to the changing needs of the family throughout the years. Our houses have flexible plans notwithstanding our passion for asthetic design and precise detailing.

We also love to design office spaces for small and medium sized offices and other retail projects. We pride ourselves in studying our client and their philosophy and suggesting a strong visual concept which inspires every aspect of the design. A successful visual concept for the firm changes not only the space but also creates a new image for clients and workers alike and influences the way they behave in the new business.

We have a long list of satisfied clients, among them well reputed building companies such as: Amot Holdings, Excellence Nessuah, Mishkei Hakibbutzim, Aharon Rubenstein and sons, Google Israel, etc.

We believe that the key to a successful building project is receiving high quality professional architectural services. Our service puts the client's wishes and special demands up front, as every project is challenging and unique in different ways. Original and creative design can only occur with a dedicated and experienced team such as ours.

About the partners:

Neta and Tal both received their Bachelor of Architecture from Israel's leading technical institute, The Technion (both Cum Laude) in 1993. They each worked in various well known firms for about 10 years and then became independent architects leading separate practices until 2010 when they merged together to form Davidie Rozin Architects.

Neta Davidie is also a LEED accredited professional (since 2012), and has knowledge and understanding of green building practices used to support the use of the LEED building rating system.

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