Exterior view of the home

View from the gate

Large rounded windows

Backyard area

View from the street

Before & After

Pool Area

Outdoor eating area

Patio seating

Large windows in the living area


Dining Area


Floor to ceiling tile in the shower

Blue bathroom


Child's bedroom


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A House on the Carmel, Haifa


270 sq.m.

Photography: Jonathan Bloom

This house was originally built in the early 50's by a wealthy family in the Carmel neighborhood of Haifa. The 3 story house has a style which was typical of the neighborhood mixing the international style with the eclectic style of the 20's. We tried to reconstruct the original facade by restoring the window openings shown on the permit from 1950, and we meticulously recreated the serrated cornice on the balcony and above the entrance so as to match the roof cornice and the style of the other 50's houses in the neighborhood.
The owners wanted to open the house up and utilize the ground floor in a more flowing and modern way, and also to open the floor to the garden. Most of the ground floor walls were removed and instead of them steel beams and columns were placed. The basement which opens to the back garden was united with the rest of the house by means of the central staircase which was also rebuilt without the walls and with a light handrail.
The garden was planned anew by the landscape architect Ofer Margalit in a very flowing design and many charming areas were created all around, which connect to different parts of the house.

Haifa Residence