The cafeteria bustling during lunch hour

Globe pendant lighting above the tables

Orange fabric and dark wood color scheme

An artistic metal divider separates the dining area from the kitchenette

Booth and table seating occupy the restaurant

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Excellence Nessuah Cafeterias


Investments House Moshe Aviv Tower, Ramat-Gan 

Photography: Jonathan Bloom

In this project we were asked to design cafeterias and kitchens for the employees of 'Excellence Nessuah' utilizing the buildings large bomb shelter rooms on three different floors of Israel's tallest tower in Ramat-Gan. The kitchen and all the materials had to be planned according to National Home Front specifications, and it was essential that parts of the furniture could be easily removed and evacuated. The design idea was to create a homey cozy restaurant atmosphere with a fully equipped kitchen for the use of the company's employees at lunchtime. Each cafeteria on the different floors is designed similarily but with variations in color.

Excellence Nessuah Cafeterias